Nos barbecues,
maintenant disponibles
Qualité haut de gamme - Design unique
Le bois de vigne,
100% naturel - 100% durable - 100% local
2 usages pour vos gillades : griller et fumer
Découvrez notre
sélection de barbecues
Du plaisir, durant des années
Grillades aux
Ceps de vigne
La délicieuse alternative au charbon de bois
Our barbecues,
now available
Premium quality - Unique design
Grapevine wood
100% natural - 100% sustainable - 100% local
2 purposes for your grills : to grill and to smoke
Discover our
barbecues selection
only pleasure, for years
Grilling with
Grapevine wood
The delicious alternative to charcoal
Onze barbecues,
nu beschikbaar
Hoogwaardige kwaliteit - Uniek design
100 natuurlijk - 100% duurzaam - 100% lokaal
twee doelen : grillen en roken
Kijk naar onze
barbecue selectie
jarenlang plezier en tevredenheid
Grillen met
BBQ wijnstokken
Het lekkerdere alternatief voor houtskool
Unsere Gartengrills
jetzt verfügbar
Beste Qualitaet - bestechendes Design
100% natürlich - 100% nachhaltig - 100% regional
2 Benutzungen für ihre grill partys : zum Grillen und rauchen
Entdecken Sie
unsere Grills
Haltbarkeit und Freude waehrend vieler Jahre
Grillen mit
Die köstliche Alternative zu Holzkohle

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Who we are

Welcome to Barbecue & vigne

About us

The House Goffinet was founded in 1997.

It became Barbecue & vigne Ltd in 2010. We propose you our high quality barbecues and our exceptional smoking wood, dry grapevines.
In mediterranean regions, this type of wood is frequently used.

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Our products

Are you bbq fan?

Discover here our design barbecue models, built for life, and our grapevine wood which is the perfect smoking wood for barbecues with the taste of Provence. 
The enthusiasts know exactly at which point grilled food prepared in this way takes on a deliciously distinctive flavour.

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Quality and taste first

Our fuels caracteristics

  • 100% natural smoking wood, 100% sustainable, 100% local
  • Valorization of old unused grapevines
  • Typical grapevine wood flavours
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to light up
  • Clean


As nice as performant

Our barbecues caracteristics

  • Practical and crafty
  • Built for life
  • Unique design
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy cleaning
  • Large accessories choice
  • Made in Denmark, not in Asia


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Moovie time

The film about Barbecue & Vigne

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Available for everyone

For end-users and for professionals

Are you end user ?
Are you wholesaler or retailer ?   Ask for our prices for grapevine wood.
  • In our bags or in private label , for more than 20 years we are the BBQ Partner of great Belgian and foreign supermarket chains, DIY stores, garden centers, fine food stores, BIO stores, wine grocers, butcher shops, specialized bbq shops.  B2B